How To Increase Productivity Using Your Phone

How To Increase Productivity Using Your Phone

How To Increase Productivity

Hey loves, stopping by with a how to increase productivity using your phone blog post. Over the years, phones have evolved into mini computers. I know we see a lot of articles on how to reduce phone time.

Those articles are necessary, but I realize that a lot of us spend a lot of time on our phones. A question came to my head. It was about how you could use your phones to your advantage when it comes to their technology.

To answer my question, Apps came to my mind. Let’s talk about some apps that can be beneficial to you. I will keep this list short, so you will not get overwhelmed.

First, right quick. Let’s touch on productivity. If you want to get the most done out of your day, you will need to focus on productivity. One technique to help you increase your productivity is time blocking. In a previous blog post, I discussed time blocking.

If you are new here, time blocking involves planning out your day with specific amounts of time to get things done. You do not go over that time. When the time is up, you stop and go to the next task

When you first start time blocking, it helps you see how you have been wasting time in the past. It is eye-opening for sure.

Now, let’s get to how to use your phone to increase productivity. Picture this. You are ready to get your life together. You have found a technique you like to manage your time better.  You have created the goals you want to achieve. Now, you need tasks to help you reach your goals.

You find yourself blank. You may struggle with what to do next. Do you have a high-tech phone? Do you find yourself on your phone a lot? Do you want to use that time to benefit you? If the answer is yes, keep reading.

Here are six apps you can use on your phone to increase productivity

The first app involves tracking how you eat and move your body.

Fitness Pal It provides you with a digital space to track calories, keep a food diary, and log activities including movement. It basically gives you a break down of what you are eating and how you are moving your body.

This next app involves helping with anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep.

If you want to increase productivity, you have to address these. To be consumed with the side effects of lack of sleep, as well as anxiety and stress.

These issues will create difficulties in increasing productivity.

Insight Timer– It helps with sleep, anxiety, and lack of stress. It also provides ways to meditate. If you need help with meditation, this app has guided meditations to assist you.

In this next app, you can create specific playlists for specific moods.

Do you like to have music playing while you complete certain tasks?

You do not have to waste time anymore looking for music to fit your specific task. They are all in one place ready for you are your convenience.

Spotify-It provides you with a space to create your own playlists or listen to ones already curated on the app.

If you are wanting to get your life all the way together digital style, this next app for you.  It is like your very own digital planner.

Daily Planner Habit Tracker– It helps you track all of your habits.  You can use a color coded system to customize it how you want to.

You can track everything from food, water, hobbies to workouts, meditation, etc. You can set reminders also.

This next app involves gratitude. Practicing gratitude can increase productivity because it put you in a better mindset. With this mindset, you create an environment in your life where you will go after your goals.

Sometimes people get stuck at going after their goals. They create them but may not feel the desire to go after them for whatever reason.

Practicing gratitude is simple, but it is powerful. It has such an effect on you. The positivity that it brings will spill into every aspect of your life without you intentionally trying. The side effect is just that good.

Gratitude: Diary, Vision Board-It provides you with a digital space to practice gratitude. It provides you with prompt reminders to get your thoughts flowing.

It sends you daily quotes to inspire you on practicing gratitude.

It has a space to create a vision board with images to help inspire your goals.

This next app is more so to close out some of those tabs on your phone.  I was so guilty of having a thousand tabs open. I know it was slowing my phone down. It was clutter in the background. Clutter anywhere in your life is not good.

Pocket-provides you with a place to store articles you see throughout the day while you are online. Instead of having a thousand tabs open, you place the articles in this app to view later.

If you are needing to increase productivity and you don’t use a phone a lot, no worries.  Here is a list of blogs on feedspot with productivity tips to help you get your life together.


Have you heard of feedspot?  It is an easy and simple place to keep up with your favorite blogs.  I was honored for my blog to be added to two of their lists below



How To Increase Productivity Using Your Phone

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  1. Great post! I love using apps that improve my productivity, however what’s worth mentioning most of them don’t, and screen time is often counterproductive 😉

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