Why You Need To Be Your Own Best Cheerleader

Hey loves, stopping by today with a post on how to be your own cheerleader. There is an overall theme in your life that is being shaped by the little things you do daily. I encourage you to sit down and take stock in your daily routine.

Ask yourself this question. Is my daily routine getting me closer to accomplishing my goals in life or farther from them?

This is when you will have to get honest with yourself.

Call BS on yourself. As my husband likes to say, ask yourself “Am I tripping or What Am I Doing.” We are very self aware in our house. Self Awareness is necessary to constantly grow as individuals.

In your daily routine, do you cheer yourself on?

This may seem minor. It’s not. It’s the little things that you do daily that impact your life the most. Why? The habits (yes even the little things) in your daily routine feeds into the overall theme regarding your life. You may not be aware.

No worries. You found your way to this post. So, let’s talk about it.

Support from others is GREAT, but they are not with you all the time. You are with you all the time (24 hours).

If you think about it, it is you vs you.

You better be your own best friend! You better be your own biggest motivator! You better be your own cheerleader!!

I say learn to be the BEST cheerleader on the planet for yourself.

See, when you cheer yourself on:

You are being your own cheerleader. You are being your biggest motivator. You are being your own best friend.

You are taking control of your life. You’re not waiting around for other people to have your back. You got your own back.

Let me say this, I’m all for cheering for others. If you know me, you know that is me. This post is not about others. It’s about you as an individual.

I like the tone of cheering instead of motivating. Cheering gives excitement vibes.

Motivation comes and go. When cheerleaders are cheering at the game, they cheer harder when the team is struggling.

 We know those vibes are appreciated when we are working towards goals.

Before you cheer yourself on, you need to set the stage for it.

Give yourself compliments daily.  Take time out to acknowledge some of your positive characteristics.

There is not anything wrong with acknowledging your positive characteristics. Some people may have an issue with you saying good things about yourself. Ignore them. Statements like don’t compliment yourself, let others do it.

You want a person to wait until others acknowledge positive characteristics they possess before they can. Who came up with these rules? Chile, bye.

When you give yourself compliments, you are bringing positive energy into your life. You are putting yourself in a good and positive state. This makes it easier for you to cheer yourself on.

Here’s the thing, to fulfill your purpose in life or live your best life, you will need to create an environment where you can thrive. Complimenting yourself and cheering for yourself helps create that environment.  Also, it will be easier for you to check yourself when needed.

Cheering for yourself helps you to keep going.

All of these things go together. They provide you with the ability to believe in yourself.  When you believe in yourself, you go after the life you want. You find ways to make it happen.

If you’re lacking in an area, you will work on it. If you don’t know, you will seek help.

In conclusion, there is a lot of positive energy that comes with complimenting yourself, motivating, and being your cheerleader.

When you start your day, make sure you start with complimenting yourself.

Look in the mirror and compliment yourself daily. Talk to yourself just like you would a friend you admire.  Gas yourself up!! Go heavy with it, Ok!!

Here’s the thing, don’t wait on others to compliment and cheer you on. Don’t give others that power.

When you gas yourself up, cheering for yourself comes easy.

If you have goals you want to reach, you need be your own cheerleader. You will need to motivate yourself.

Celebrate everyone of your accomplishment. It does not matter how small they may seem. Celebrate them like it is 1999.

Right quick before I go. As you can see, I am enjoying my backyard. What a beautiful way to get some Vitamin D. The outfit came from Forever 21.

Remember my blog on 18 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself. If you have not read yet, go read it here.  I talked about getting dressed up even if you are going to be in the house. This has been my jam lately. It feels good.  Hence, the outside mirror selfies in my backyard throughout this blog post.

Until next time


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