How Positive Self Talk Has Changed My Life

How Positive Self Talk Has Changed My Life

Hey loves, stopping by today with a blog on how positive self talk has changed my life. Keep reading if you want to know the benefits of positive self talk.

Sometimes we give others a lot of chances but won’t give ourselves the same treatment.  I had moments where I:

messed up,

took a wrong turn a time or two,

fell down a few times,


Sometimes we forget to nurture ourselves.  According to vocabulary.com, nurture means to care, help, & encourage someone. When you nurture someone, you are helping them to grow.

When was the last time, you took out time to nurture yourself?

It is important to take time out to care for you. This will not make you selfish.  You are human. Humans need nurturing.

Life has a way of coming hard at you sometimes. Take a look back at the list above.  If you have ever experienced any of those situations, you may need moments to nurture YOU.

I am not a doctor or psychiatrist. I am stopping by on the blog today to share my experience with positive self talk.

Let’s talk for a bit about positive self talk.  One way I nurture myself is through positive self talk.

It is important to be mindful of the words you say to yourself because you are listening.  Positive self-talk can be a valuable tool to use to encourage and speak life over yourself.

After I finished meditation in the morning, I participate in positive self talk. My days are better when I start my day off completing my morning routine including speaking positive words to myself.

I have also learned that positive self-talk includes so much more than speaking positive words to myself. Positive self-talk helps shaped how we view ourselves.  When you speak kind words to yourself, you are uplifting yourself.

What is positive self-talk?

According to Mead (2020) on Positive Psychology.com, positive self-talk involves more than speaking positive words to yourself.

It also includes learning how to see things differently, doing away with a negative bias, and moving forward in life with the notion that you can handle what happens.

In the event things do not fit in a perfect box, you’ll take it as a lesson for the next moment.

Positive self-talk includes how YOU think of yourself, how you show up for yourself, & how you treat yourself.

Participating in positive self-talk does not mean that life will always be rainbows. It will help you be kind to yourself and understand that you are doing the best you can no matter what comes your way.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I like to practice positive self-talk after meditation in the morning. Here’s the thing.  There is not a specific time each day to participate in positive self-talk and be like. Yes, I have checked that off my to-do list.  Great, you started your day with it but don’t put it back on the self.

You see, positive self-talk is so much more.  It can be done at any time. It is like a tool you carry with you at all times. It becomes an important part of your life.

For e.g, I applied for a job before and didn’t get it, positive self talk is what comforted me doing that time.  It helped me to not beat myself up. It helped me to not give up. It helped me to keep putting myself out there. Later on, I got a better job.

Why is Positive Self Talk Important?

Some of the benefits of positive self talk I have experienced:

Positive self-talk has helped me see things in a different light.  I don’t mean that I see things positive all the time.

I mean, it has helped me to see the lesson in things that didn’t work out. When it comes to me in not so good moments, I can see me without judgmental eyes. Believe it or not, we sometimes judge ourselves heavily.

I am also able to ask myself certain questions to educate me.

For. e.g.

What did I learned from the experience?

What information can I take with me to help me later on?

Was there anything I could have done differently to help my desired outcome? Maybe there was or maybe there wasn’t.

If there was, how can I improve. If there wasn’t, accept that this wasn’t the right time.

Positive self-talk helps me to be loving and kind to myself no matter what the outcome of those questions are.

If a person or company doesn’t realize your worth, positive self-talk can help to remind you of your worth.

I started this post with a list of situations. Those moments were not easy.  Life is not always rainbows. Yes, the sun will shine but there will be rainy days too. Guess what? That is OK.

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My ongoing motto is: I will love myself and be kind to myself through it all.

In conclusion, I learned that positive self-talk is more than moments of positive words but also:

loving on ourselves

looking at ourselves without judgmental eyes

finding the lesson in the not so good moments life throws at us

Nurturing is an ongoing process. It should be. Life never stops coming. Sometimes it has good moments but sometimes it has not so good moments.

Using positive self-talk in the nurturing process has changed my life.

When you take time out to nurture yourself, you help yourself grow and show up better in the world.  It creates a domino effect that will cause you to show up not only for you but for others also in a better way.

Before I head out, quick details on outfit. I found this skirt at CATO Fashions. It was so flowery and long. I wonder would it work as a dress.  It worked out perfectly.

It is always a plus when you can find a piece that you can wear more than one way.  It can be worn as a skirt or dress. I found this floppy hat at Forever 21. I promise you. I can not get enough of this hat.  I love that it is extra big & floppy. You can’t see the sandals but they are by Michael Kors.

Of course, my weekly bouquet of flowers made it in the pictures. If you read my blog, 18 Ways to Be Kind To Yourself, you know buying flowers is one of the ways I be kind to myself.  If you have not read it, go read it here.

Until next time



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