How to Create The Best Spa Day At Home

Hey loves, stopping by today with a post on how to create the best spa day at home. When you are feeling overwhelmed or tired, going to a spa is a pleasant and relaxing experience.  What if you are not able to get to the spa, funds running low, or you are in the middle of a pandemic?

No worries. You can create a spa experience in your home with a spa bath. Spa baths are up there in the top list of things to do relax.

It is needed now more than ever because so much is going on right now.  We are going through a pandemic & racism.  I shared last week a blog with 18 ways to be kind to yourself.  Ritual, spa, or bubble baths were one of the ways.

Read the rest of list 18 Ways to Be Kind To Yourself

The best part of creating a spa bath at home is that you can customize it to your needs.  Depending on what you need, the ingredients of this bath may be different but the goal is always the same. The goal is to stop & rest, etc. Taking out time to Love specifically on yourself. It’s a date with you.

Since I have not been able to travel due to the pandemic, I wanted a vacation vibe spa bath. I put my favorite drink in a pineapple and put on a swimsuit and just chilled out in the water of yellow roses with candle lits and classical music playing in the background.

After, I continue to relax and chill in my bed with a plush white robe.

Here are some things you can use to create your best spa bath at home.

Bathtub caddy tray

roses, flowers,or plants to decorate the tub

favorite drink

aromatherapy candles

decorative candles

relaxing song playlist (classical music for this one)

Bath pillow


Plush white robe for afterwards

Here is another idea for a spa bath night.  Well, I call it a self-love bath because I add some more things to the list. As you can see, you can make it however you want. You can add exfoliation products, bath bombs, face masks, etc. The sky is the limit.

For this particular night, I did a self-love bath with positive affirmations, rose petals, rose oil, salt, jazz music, drink, and candles. Self-love baths help brings me back to my center.

They help rejuvenate me.  Sometimes I will read a book. Often, I lose myself to the smell of the soy lavender & lemonade candle while enjoying the rhythm of the jazz music playing in the background. I was thinking nothing but positive affirmations.

Here is a list of the things I use for self love bath

Bathtub caddy tray

salt box with salt

rose oil




drink (kombucha)

relaxing playlist (jazz music for this one)

positive affirmations

plush white robe for afterwards

I just love the bathtub caddy tray.  You can find it here on Amazon. It adds relaxing vibes. The one in the picture of wood gives soothing and luxury energy.  It also gives you a place to put a few items (such as drink, roses/plants, books, etc).

I found the bathtub caddy tray, saltbox, rose oil, & plush white robe on Amazon. I got the roses and drink from my local grocery store. I got all the candles and a book from Target.

There is nothing like the perfect playlist to help set the mood.  When I take eucalyptus leaves showers or spa baths, I like to play a specific playlist to help set the ambient mood I am going for.

I do take a simple shower before the spa bath but I go all out with my morning showers.

I don’t need all the extras for the shower before the spa bath. The extras will come with the spa bath.

I am a shower girl in the morning, okay. Eucalyptus leaves showers changed the game in my morning routine. If relaxing showers are more your thing, read Why You Need To Add Amazing Eucalyptus Leaves To Shower

You can easily take one of these eucalyptus leaves’ showers in the evening to relax or make it a part of a spa day at home.

Okay, back to the playlist.  I rotate between jazz or classical music when I am trying to get my relaxing on. For the spa bath, I play classical music. I have been a fan of classical music since I was a child. I remember creating a classical piece on the piano as a child.

Classical music was always so relaxing to me. Granted as a child, I didn’t know it was putting me in a relaxing mood. I know I felt good.

Here is a classical music playlist to zen out to.

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