How You Can Easily Make A Self Care Kit Today

How You Can Easily Make A Self Care Kit Today

How do you make a self care kit JcCee Barney

best way to create a self care kit, self help blog to read 2022

Hey loves, we are into the second month of the new year. It’s been a while since I shared any updates on my self-care kit. So, I decided to create an updated post on how you can easily make the best self-care kit 2022 starting today.

Years ago, I attended a training in self-care and it was mentioned how important it is to create a list of self care activities to have at any given time.

I can imagine self-care kits have been around a long time and I find them to be great tools as you are being proactive in maintaining your health.

self help blog 2022, self help blogger
How do you make a self care kit JcCee Barney

Dress from Fashion Nova

best way to create a self care kit, self help blog to read 2022

things to put in your self care kit

Sometimes we go through life without actually living. I mean, we are alive and breathing but not living. We find ourselves going through the motions with our daily to do lists & obligations until we forget to take out time to enjoy simple moments in life.

Next thing we know, we are living in survival mode. I know I have been guilty of this.  In survival mode, you are just trying to get to the end of the week. It is like you let your body endured stress for 5 days unknowingly for moments of relief on the weekend.

When the new week comes, you start the cycle over again. Stress is unhealthy for your mind and body. Just imagine what at least 20 days of stress is doing to your mind and body on a monthly basis.  Now, multiply those months by years. That’s a lot.

Your stress levels are sure to go up, and your mood is sure to go down.  APA (2018) discussed in this article, Stress Effects On The Body how stress can have a negative impact on your mood through your gut due to how it changes gut bacteria

Your body and mind have not had time to relax and break from everyday wear and tear.  This is when self-care plays a major role in our lives.

how to easily make a self care kit 2022
best self care kit to create

When you take time out to care for yourself, you are giving your body and mind a rest and a moment to relax.

A moment to calm down from all of the hustle and bustle.  After that rest and relaxation, you feel good overall, you feel rejuvenated, you feel some peace, etc.

I know after I give myself some self-care, I am able to develop solutions to certain things better.  Every one self-care kit may be different, but the goal is the same. I picked objects that I like and that will help me relax.

Of course, I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, I am sharing what has worked for me.

Let’s get to the self-care kit


My previous self-care kits were made using baskets. After all we have been through as a society in the past couple years, I wanted something light and fun. Hence, this colorful bookbag that I found at dollar tree for $5.

I just love this bookbag. My mood is instantly uplifted by looking at the vibrant colors on it.

Coloring book

I started adult coloring about six years ago.  It is such as relaxing and peaceful time for me, and it allows me to be creative and to decide how I want my picture to be.

I am in full control, and I can color out of the line if I want to. Ok, that is a great feeling.

Book & Word Count

I love to read. I wanted something light and fun to read for the moment when I need to regroup. Hence, the nutcracker.

When I was in school, word count was one of my favorite pastimes when the teacher used to give us free time.


How do I even began about journaling?  I love love it.  I write down thoughts, ideas, happy moments, sad moments, dreams, goals, etc.

It takes a lot to get me upset. When I do, some of the things that come to my mind do not need to be said out loud, but I can write them down to get them out.

After that, I am able to focus on why those words or thoughts were my reaction, think about the situation, and respond or react appropriately.  As I mentioned in a post a while back, the pen can write what you cannot say.

I love the set up of this journal. It has scriptures of comfort on each page.

Deck of Cards

My grandmother used to always play solitaire at her kitchen table. I had a great relationship with my grandmother. She died years ago but taking out this deck of cards and playing solitaire reminds of her and it’s a beautiful moment.


My mug is not pictured because I keep it in the cabinet. The mug has the phrase, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”on it. I have had it for over five years.  When I saw it in the store, I was like I won’t let you lol. I don’t know what I was referring to exactly, maybe the infamous “negative self talk” or people who try to kill your dreams. I think it will be a great reminder though during my coffee and tea for self-care moments.

Coffee & Tea

I just love sitting in my favorite chair and sipping on some coffee or tea depending on which one I am in mood for. I prefer tea the most. There are not any showed in the pictures because they are in my cabinet also.

best self care kit to create

Essential oils, candle, & favorite lotion

Aromatherapy is the business. It makes for a great Spa Day At Home. . I love scented candles & essential oil diffusers.  Their scents make the atmosphere of the room so relaxing and smell of essential oils may help relieve stress.

I use them for the morning and evening. I love the zone I get in when I use them in the morning when I am writing down my grateful moments. I also love the zone they put me in when I use them in the evening with a long bath.

Favorite candle at the moment-

I light my candle, Caramel Drizzle by Bath & Body Works, play some relaxing music, add some Epsom salts (not pictured), and essential oils in my bath and just relax.

Favorite Fragrance and lotion

Now for this fragrance, I went all the way back. This fragrance Pear Glace from Victoria’s Secret was popular when I was in high school.

Smelling it takes me to a happy time in my life. Sometimes, you need to get to a clear place so you can see things clearer. Things that remind me of a happy time always do that for me.

Face Mask

Sometimes a simple face mask with some calming music fits the bill regarding relaxation.

Eye Mask

We need to breathe to live, so we know it is necessary. We can also use breathing as a tool to help with energy, healing, reducing stress, increase awareness, etc. Almost a year ago, I got into breath work with using the Wim Hof breathing technique.

The Wim Hof breathing technique by William Hoff involves taking ninety-three breaths broken up in three rounds with thirty inhales and exhales.

Then one big inhale and hold during the three rounds process

I put the eye mask on and do breathe work with this technique. Afterwards, I feel so light and relaxed. Also, taking a cold shower right after makes it so much beneficial.

Coin purse

I love flowers. I put around $40 in the glitter coin purse. The cash is there for me to go treat myself to some flowers.


I use my phone or iPad (not pictured).  Music is therapeutic to me because some songs can describe how I am feeling and also how I want to feel.

Here are two playlists I am currently loving

Classical music

90s R & B Love Songs

Sometimes, the objects in my kit may change but for the most part, these are what I use now. A self-care kit is beneficial to have because you can have a variety of things you love in one place that will help lift your mood, reduce stress, help you regroup if needed, calm you down, etc.

things to put in your self care kit

best self care kit to create

best self care kit for women

best way to create a self care kit, self help blog to read 2022

self help blog, how to create a self care kit

I am all for finding what works for you and customizing your lifestyle to help you live your best life. Your self care kit may be different than mine. That is perfectly Ok.

Until next time


APA. (2018). Stress Effects On The Body. Retrieved from


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