How Can I Treat Myself Better Starting Now?

How Can I Treat Myself Better Starting Now

How Can I Treat Myself Better

Hey loves, stopping by with a post on how I can treat myself better. The past couple of years have been filled with a lot of uncertainty. I wanted to share some tips that have been helping me during these uncertain times.

At times, I found myself in moments where I didn’t know what to think. The days were colliding with each other.
I would ask my family what today is or Saturday would come and I thought it was still Tuesday. Life just felt different.

I had moments where I couldn’t put into words what my mind was going through trying to process the new normal.
I realized that I was consuming too much information. Every time I got on social media, someone had posted something regarding the news & virus.

A lot of times the information was not accurate. Even if you find out the information is inaccurate, it has still been inputted in your mind wreaking havoc.

Trust me, I want to stay informed but not at the expense of my sanity. I was getting a little stressed out. I know that was not good for my body. A stressed body is not a healthy body. I needed my body as healthy as possible during this time.

So, I started limiting my time on social media. Social media was no longer a place where you could visit with your family and friends via online without someone mentioning the news or virus.

There were so many people reporting the news. I mean, it was all the time. I know some people had good intentions though.

As I stated earlier, some of the information was not accurate. Some people were not taking the protocol the power to be put into place serious. Some people were not practicing social distancing.

It was becoming too much. I can not control what others do but I can control how I respond.

I had to take some time out to love on myself. I had to show self-care and love to myself. As I was making the list of things that have been helping me, I thought about ways to be kind to yourself.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post on 5 ways to be kind to yourself. As the years have passed, the list is still relevant.

1. Forgive yourself

2. Magnify your strengths

3. Participate in self care techniques

4. Make some positive affirmations

5. Make a list of ways to encourage yourself

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When you be kind to yourself, you open the door to produce greatness because you began to think good about yourself.  This leads to believing in yourself and achieving goals in life.  This helps you allow peace into your life.  I encourage you to take some time and choose your words carefully because when you talk to yourself, you are listening-Lisa M. Hayes

Since we have been limited to interacting with others and the ways we normally do things may have changed, this would be the perfect time to participate in activities where you can be kind to yourself or love on yourself.

In these uncertain times, you need to be kind to yourself. This is uncharted territory. You are trying to create a new normal.

Ask yourself. When was the last time that you actually took out time to be kind to yourself?

I created this list below to help create an environment where the list above can be done. I have evolved so I realized that you have to create a specific environment consisting of daily simple things to participate in the list above.

Here are 18 ways to create a loving environment and be kind to yourself that does not involve leaving the house. 

1. Meditation & Deep breathing-I was already meditating but I hadn’t really got into deep, deep breathing. Let me tell you, meditation with deep breathing was a game-changer for me. I like to use a guided meditation also. I use the app called Insight Timer.

2. Limiting your time on social media- I don’t have any social media apps on my phone. Well, I do have Instagram on it. I already limit my time on social media before life change to where it is today but now I needed to limit it some more.

3. Limiting the amount of news you consume- Scheduled times you get updates on the news

4. Get dressed up-Even though you’re inside, get dressed up. It is something about putting on some clothes instead of lounging around in pajamas all day. It creates a feel-good mood. I am not saying give up your pajamas days but add some dressed up days also.

5. Take eucalyptus leaves showers-Get some eucalyptus leaves and hang in the shower. Let the shower steam up a few minutes with the leaves before you get in. Eucalyptus leaves give you a spa-like feeling and it has health benefits such as de-stress & calming, sinus-clearing up if needed, mental clarity, and so on. Light some aromatherapy candles in the bathroom. Play your favorite genre of music that helps you relax. I currently vibe off of classical music in the shower.

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6. Take ritual or bubble baths- Get you some roses petals or flowers. Sprinkle some across your tub or around the outside of it. Add some Epsom salt and get your favorite oil. Light some aromatherapy candles or diffuser to help give off a relaxing ambiance vibe. Add bubble baths’ accessories if you like. Don’t forget your drink of choice. You can add whatever you desire. The goal is to make it your own “spa-like me time.”

7. Tea time- Get your favorite drink tea or coffee. Take a few minutes to sit down in quietness and enjoy the aroma and taste of your drink. Take time to really enjoy and take in the flavor. You can add a book if you like.

8. Journaling-With all of the uncertainty going on, it may be helpful to jot your thoughts down. Get them out of your head. Release them on paper. It is a freeing that comes with writing how you feel. The best part of this is that you can write whatever you want. Make sure you add some gratitude thoughts and happy moments.

9. Enjoying nature in your yard- Take a moment and have your favorite drink, read a book, set up a meal, etc outside and enjoy in your yard or on your patio. There is something therapeutic about being out in nature. Spending time in nature may help you renew and rejuvenate your mind and providing you with pleasure according to Positive Psychology (2019).

10. Earthing or Grounding-this involves transferring energy (Earth’s Surface Electrons) from the ground to the body walking barefoot outside. Now I am from the country. So I played outside many times as a little girl barefoot but I never thought that there were any benefits to it.

I was always told to keep my shoes on because I would get a bigfoot or get cut by glass or sharp objects, etc. Now, I am older. I don’t know about the bigfoot myth lol but I do keep in mind glass, sharp objects, or bugs. I only do it in my backyard. It is so freeing.

Here are some of the benefits as discussed by Chevalier et al. (2012) better sleep, reduce pain, help against chronic stress, reduce inflammation, and many more. When you get time, read the journal article in sources below about the benefits of earthing or grounding.

11. Make a picnic in the backyard-Word on the internet is picnics are the new brunch. Find you some shade, get you a blanket, put on a nice outfit, get you some snacks or a quick meal, favorite drink, & some flowers. Sit back and enjoy a nice outdoor eating setting.

12. Make or try new recipes-Cooking with music playing in the background can be therapeutic. Pick your favorite recipe or try a new one.

13. Reading-I mentioned in a previous post some of the benefits of reading. Reading may help reduce stress, help you sleep better, may help with depression, provides benefits to your brain, etc. (Stanborough, 2019). Pick a book of choice or venture out into a different category than you usually read.

14. Throwing paint on a canvas-Get you some paint and a canvas. You don’t have to be an artist. Remember as a child when you would paint freely and it was fun. Let your inner child come out. Hey, Inner child it is your time to shine. So shine bright.

15. Watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu show or movie- Pick a show or movie & get your snacks. Give yourself a moment of doing absolutely nothing.

16. Dance to your favorite music-Make you a playlist of your favorite music and lose yourself to the beat. Dance like no one is watching. If you are into the 90s R&B, I linked a 150+ 90s R & B Songs playlist for you. Click here.

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17. Turn your bedroom into a bed and breakfast like moment-Make your bedroom like a hotel stay. Fix your bed and create a hotel-style breakfast in your bed. Get your favorite robe, make your favorite breakfast you like on vacation, set it up pretty (bed tray would be perfect), and enjoy.

18. Buy flowers for yourself-When you to the grocery store for essentials, pick up some flowers. If flowers are your thing, it feels wonderful when you get them. Am I right? Well, you don’t have to wait for someone else to gift you flowers if you want some. Remember, it is about being kind to yourself and loving on yourself.

How Can I treat myself better

When you participate in simple things daily such as the list of 18 things above where you are being kind to yourself, you can apply the list of 5 ways I mentioned earlier easily. Here is a recap of the 5 ways to be kind to yourself.

1. Forgive yourself

2. Magnify your strengths

3. Participate in self-care techniques

4. Make some positive affirmations

5. Make a list of ways to encourage yourself

Both list go hand in hand. You can not have a toxic or stressful environment and be kind to yourself at the same time.

I thought about calling this post 23 ways to be kind to yourself or 18 ways to create a loving environment so you can apply the 5 steps to be kind to yourself. I didn’t know how to create a blog title for all of that.

In conclusion, all of these ways are a part of the process it takes to be kind to yourself.

It takes the 18 ways to give you the mindset to participate in the 5 ways. 

The way you create your loving environment may be different than the 18 ways I shared above.  That is OK.  I hope it gave you some ideas to create your list.

When you are participating in activities that help you love on yourself, you are building a relationship with yourself. You are learning how to truly love and trust yourself.

A lot of times we are so dependent on others. When they disappoint us, it hurts us so badly and affects us negatively.

Yes, your feelings are valid. If you build a strong relationship with yourself, you will have better coping mechanisms to respond to hurt from others. You will realize it is not the end of your world because YOU are still a part of your world.

Let me say that again. You will realize it is not the end of your world because YOU are still a part of your world.

Before I go, let me talk real quick about this summer outfit in the picture. I got this dress from Fashion Nova. The hat is from Target. The tea set is from Homegoods. The roses are from my local grocery store.

What are some activities you participate in to create a loving environment for you?

What are some activities you participate in to be kind to yourself?

Until next time


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