Quick Low Carb Pasta Recipe

Quick Low Carb Pasta Recipe

Hey loves, stopping by with a quick low-carb pasta dish with zoodles. This recipe is low carb and light.

Since I use red lentil pasta (for protein) with my regular pasta dish, I like to use mushrooms with plenty of other veggies.

My husband usually makes his pasta dish with vegan sausage. I decided to make a zoodles pasta dish with vegan sausage instead of mushrooms. I do eat meat alternatives here and there.

On the blog is another zoodles pasta dish with quinoa and beans as the protein. Check it out also.

Also, if you are new here. Check out my series on What Vegans Eat In A Day. The series includes 10 days worth of vegan meal ideas.

You may also find How To Start A Plant Based Diet helpful also. It includes a grocery list and a 5 day meal plan.

Ok, back to the recipe. I didn’t put exact measurements for everything.

Feel free to adjust ingredients to your liking. I look at recipes as a starting point or for inspiration.  You can omit and add whatever you like. We all have different taste buds. 

Let’s get to it.

Quick Low Carb Pasta

  • Difficulty: Easy
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1 vegan sausage
colored bell pepper (red, yellow, and orange)
white onion
garlic cloves
marinara sauce
vegetable broth
Optional: Salt and paper towel for zoodles

First, wash and chop all veggies. Put them aside.

To get some of the moisture out of the zoodles, I sprinkle them with a little salt and let them sit in a paper towel for a few minutes.

Next, I cooked the vegan sausage per instructions. While the vegan sausage is cooking, sauteed the chopped bell peppers, onion, garlic cloves in vegetable broth. When they are sauteed to your liking, add the marinara sauce.

After the vegan sausage is cooked, I go back to the zoodles and squeeze some of the moisture out of them. This helps them from getting soggy.

Next, I add vegan sausages to the veggies and marinara sauce. Afterward, I add the zoodles to the saucepan with everything else. I let all the flavors mixed for about two minutes (only two minutes so the zoodles won’t get soggy).

Lastly, I fix a plate and eat.

Tip: When it comes to zoodles, it is best to eat this pasta dish as soon as it is done. The longer the zoodles stay in the sauce, they become soft and may get soggy.



Quick Low Carb Pasta Recipe
Quick Low Carb Pasta Meal

Wishing everyone a beautiful and joyful day.

Until next time


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