How To Relieve Stress Quickly

how to uplift your spirits

Hey loves, I am stopping by today with a blog post on how to relieve stress quickly in 13 ways.  When I think of being in a relaxing state, Easy like Sunday Morning comes to mind. It’s such a calming mood.

There is a song “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie that talks about Easy Like Sunday Morning vibes. I have listened to it often. Have you heard of it?

Much to my surprise, I just learned what this song is all about.  Like for real, I was today’s years old when I found out.

This song is describing how he feels after a difficult breakup.  He is describing a good feeling. Nevertheless, it’s still about a breakup.

I never caught that. I guess the beat and rhythm captured my heart in such a way that felt good until I never thought the song had anything to do with a breakup.

Or maybe because the slogan in the song ” Easy Like Sunday Morning” is a relaxing moment in time, and my mind picked that up and just went with it.

The other day, I was looking through my photos, and I reminiscence on this moment. This moment in time gave me a sense of feeling Easy Like Sunday Morning. I was in a state of relaxation, peace, & serene.

how to uplift your mood

This was a trip to Corpus Christi with my husband over a year ago.

I practice mindfulness. I also participate in journaling.

This moment in time gave me an invitation to fully feel and embrace the present (that present moment) & I gladly accepted it.

I welcomed every aspect of that moment into my mind, body, & soul. I let myself feel all the feels that moment provided.

Here is an excerpt from my journal entry.

The ocean was singing the perfect tone.

The wind was whispering a slow & soft breeze. It was the perfect weather. My soul was full of gratitude.

It was beautiful, peaceful, & serene.

One thing that I love about journaling.  You can always go back and relive a beautiful moment through your own words.

Those moments where you can slow down and enjoy the present and everything it has to offer.

I have found moments of enjoyment in my life in the present, but I miss experiencing those moments that come with traveling.

It has been an adjustment, but I have been taking this time to enjoy my family, home, & blogging. During this time, I have been able to reflect and appreciate my life.  My creativity has increased.

In the meantime, I have been intentional about experiencing Easy like Sunday Morning Vibes weekly at home.

Sometimes we go through life without actually living. I mean, we are alive and breathing but not living. We find ourselves going through the motions with our daily to do lists & obligations until we forget to take out time to enjoy simple moments in life.

Next thing we know, we are living in survival mode. I know I have been guilty of this.  In survival mode, you are just trying to get to the end of the week. It is like you let you body endure stress for 5 days unknowingly for moments of relief on the weekend.

When the new week comes, you start the cycle over again. Stress is unhealthy for your mind and body. Just imagine what at least 20 days of stress is doing to your mind and body on a monthly basis.  Now, multiply those months by years. That’s a lot.

Your stress levels are sure to go up, and your mood is sure to go down.  APA (2018) discussed in this article, Stress Effects On The Body how stress can have a negative impact on your mood through your gut due to how it changes gut bacteria.

This may be one of the reasons why many hate Mondays so.

What if you add those weekend vibes (Easy Like Sunday Morning vibes) to your daily routine? Maybe Monday wouldn’t be so bad because you would have time set aside each day to feel those feels that come with Easy Like Sunday Morning vibes including Monday.

I will be sharing my list shortly on ways to uplift mood or how to create Easy Sunday Morning Vibes.  Since I bought up Monday, let’s talk briefly about a couple of them, eucalyptus showers, spa/herbal baths & mirror work.

When you make your morning showers or bath relaxing & special, they can be a refreshing way to start your Monday.

I love starting my day with an eucalyptus leaves shower with one of my essentials, Awaken Body Wash. I shared this body wash on my Beauty Finds at Whole Foods Market post.  It is infused with rosemary and mint along with spirulina, coconut & olive oil, green extract with French clay.

This body wash pairs well with the eucalyptus leaves in the shower. There is classical or jazz music playing in the background, the diffuser is on, aromatherapy candles are lit, etc. I like to set a relaxing scene.

During my shower or spa/herbal baths, I have beautiful uplifting conversations with myself. I speak positive affirmations. I love on myself.

Next, I do Mirror Work. I continue the uplifting conversations  & positive affirmations from the shower or bath in the mirror.  I add a jade roller or facial massager to the mix. There is nothing but good vibes coming all over my body. Uplifting mood, I tell ya.

I enjoy spa or herbal baths in the evening, but there is a slight change you may find me enjoying one of them in the morning. It depends on if I am in need of that type of relaxation.

Do I have to get up earlier to to start my day? Yes, but while raising four kids, I learned a long time ago how to utilize my morning when everyone else is asleep. I found myself losing who I was an individual. I had to find time for me.

Also, working as a case manager and therapist, I learned the importance of taking time out for myself in the morning before I tend to everyone else.

When I start added these uplifting moments to my daily routine, I became chill and relax throughout the week. I feel better and make better decisions when I am not stressed out or overwhelmed.

When the end of the week arrives, the build-up of stress or tiredness was no longer there. Yes, I still get stress but it does not effect me like it use to. I can manage it better because I do not live in a daily state of stress, and I can catch it soon as it comes.

Let me say this

This is an ongoing process. I am not perfect.  At first, it was not easy. I had to unlearn some things. I am still unlearning things. I had to make a lifestyle change.  To get the full benefits of participating in these types of activities, you need to build your lifestyle around them.

I pay attention to foods that are good for reducing stress and uplifting mood. Believe it or not, what you eat plays a role in your overall stress levels and mood. There are supplements, herbs, and adaptogens that can help also.  They need a blog post by themselves.

I discussed in another blog post, How to Glow Up on the Daily the necessity of creating a routine that deals with your overall well being. It discussed the eight dimensions of wellness and how to address each one of them for your well being.

Okay, let’s get back to moments that gives you Easy Sunday Morning vibes and lift your mood.

What keeps me focus on making sure I participate in these moments daily is the reminder that I love myself. To love me is to take care of my overall wellness. I am worth taking time out to nurture me.

You are worth taking time out to love yourself however you would like to also.

Mindfulness is very helpful. When you practice mindfulness, you learn how to live in the present. You learn how to enjoy the present moment.  If you wander off in your mind, you learn how to process your feelings, not suppress them. After you process your feelings without judgment, you redirect yourself back to the present moment (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2020).

Learning how to feel & process your feelings, and not suppress or block them is very important.

For more information on mindfulness & mindfulness exercises, check out this article by Mayo Clinic Staff.

Each one of these moments can be described and enjoyed just as beautiful as the moment near the ocean above.

Each one of these moments allow you to stop and enjoy the present.  Each of these moments give you space to practice mindfulness.

Of course I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, I am sharing what has worked for me.

 These experiences below are a necessary part of my routine. They lift my mood & help me feel relax, peace, & serene. How do you relieve stress? This list also helps me to relieve stress quickly.

Okay, finally we are at the list.

1. Meditation

2. Mirror Work (Tip: combine this with an at Home Facial Massage)

3. Stretching

4. Adult Coloring or Painting

how to become a more positive person

5. Cuddle or play with my fur baby

6. Spa or herbal bath

7. Eucalyptus Leaves shower

8. Dance in the living room or shower

9. Listening to music (on spotify -classical or jazz, 90s R & B songs, or smooth sounding oldies on record player) 

positive things to read in the morning

Here is a classical music playlist to zen out to:

Here is a 150+ Top 90s R & B Songs Playlist to chill to:

10. Journal thoughts

11. Go outside and enjoy some sunshine

12. Moment of taking deep breaths

13. Quiet time with Tea/coffee  (it is something about the process from putting the water on until you stirring the tea is all therapeutic). 

If you need help with meditation or journaling, there are guided meditation apps you can download and guided journals you can buy.

I am all for finding what works for you and customizing your lifestyle to help you live your best life. Your list may be different than mine. That is perfectly Ok.

I think it is important to have tools in place to help you in life. I like to create lists. I call lists like these life tools.   What are some things you participate in to relieve stress, find peace, and help uplift your mood? Do share in the comments.

If you enjoyed this post, check out 18 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself.  Some of the things I do to relieve stress, uplift my mood, & get those Easy Like Sunday Mornings vibes overlap with things I do to be kind to myself.  Don’t you just love when you create a routine that can benefit you in different ways?

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Until Next Time


APA. (2018). Stress Effects On The Body. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/topics/stress-body

Mayo Clinic Staff. (2020). Mindfulness Exercises. Retrieved from https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/in-depth/mindfulness-exercises/art-20046356#:~:text=Mindfulness%20is%20a%20type%20of,mind%20and%20help%20reduce%20stress.


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