How Long Does It Take to Glow Up?

How Long Does It Take To Glow Up?


How long does it take to glow up

How long does it take to glow up? Is the answer overnight, a day, a week, a month, etc. Questions that many search for.

The Glow up or Glo up is a powerful transformation process. If you put a deadline on it, you may stop doing it.

Let’s talk about how long term. Let’s talk about how to glow up everyday.

When you’re doing this everyday, there is not an expiration date. Therefore, the benefits will not expire. You will reap the benefits continuously.

I know many like to think of physical appearance when the phrase “glow up” is mentioned. It is so much more than that.

Let me say this. I am all for dressing up and getting cute. Yes to this all day, okay! It does feel good. There is some truth to the saying “If you look good, you will feel good.”

Here’s the thing

When we only focus on the physical appearance, we miss the mark on the true definition or the greatest benefit of it.

Take care of the inside, glow on the outside

I picked up this beautiful cutting board from Chelsea over at thatschelsea.com. It is a dual-function cutting & display board. You can use this side for your home décor. You can flip it over to prep on it.

If you are looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle, check out Chelsea’s blog.

The cutting board I received from her inspired this post. When you take care of the inside, you glow by default on the outside.

How do you truly take care of the inside? We will discuss the how later.

Why is it so important to glow up? Glow up helps you take care of the inside.

This blog will provide you with ways to create an environment in your life where you can flourish.

Your best self is created in this type of environment. When I am my best self, I operate in a manner that is beneficial in all areas of my life.

Benefits such as

enhanced self confidence

accomplishing goals

getting healthier

feeling good

looking good

setting boundaries

experiencing peace

enjoying life


Let’s stop for a sec and talk about setting boundaries.

When you are on this journey, you understand the importance of your peace and how setting boundaries help maintained it. If you are not careful, some people will drain the life out of you.

This journey helps you choose “YOU.”

Okay back to your best self.

Glow up involves becoming your best self. Becoming your best self includes working on different facets of your life. It is not one specific area. It is a summation of areas.

By focusing on one specific area such as physical appearance, the greatest benefits are not achieved.

In what way does one achieve this?

There is one word that came to my mind. Well, actually four words. Wait, it could be called a phrase. Okay, let’s call it a short phrase.

It is “Up your Wellness Game.”

Yes, the way to glow up daily is to up your wellness game. Most of the times when we think of wellness, we think of the physical.

Hmmm…the word physical is becoming popular in this post. This is my second time mentioning it. The first time was regarding physical appearance. This time is about physical health.

Let’s carry on shall we?

When it comes to physical regarding wellness, things such as eat right, work out, doctor appt, etc. come to mind. All of these things are important. They fall under the umbrella of wellness but wellness is so much more than that.

So what does wellness really mean?

Wellness involves a person identifying and participating in choices that yields a healthy and satisfying life (What is Wellness, n.d.)

Wellness includes being in perfect harmony with body and mind by utilizing proactive ways to preventing illness and improved the longevity of life instead of treating diseases (Dictionary, n.d.).

Wellness can be divided into eight dimensions (What is Wellness, n.d.) These can be use as a guide but everyone can have a different blueprint. Everyone is different.

Since everyone is different, everyone steps under each dimensions may not be the same. That is perfectly OK. It is all about customizing these dimensions to fit you. That is truly how you glow up.

According to What is Wellness (n.d.) on shcs.ucdavis.edu, they are Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Occupational, Financial, Environmental, & Social


Involves managing emotions and stressors in life.


Enhancing the meaning of our purpose in life with the help of our personal beliefs and values.


Identifying abilities and creating ways to enhance knowledge and skills


Identifying the importance of physical activity, eating habits, sleep, and participating in activities to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Developing satisfaction in one’s work or career.


Developing satisfaction with financial status by participating in ways to successful manage finances.


Identifying ways to help the environment and enhance well being.


Identifying and cultivating relationships that develop good support system including friendly and romantic relationships.

We have talked about the different dimensions of wellness. You will truly glow up on the daily if you are participating in habits that intertwined with the dimensions. Each dimension deals with taking care of the inside.

Remember the saying on the cutting board in the beginning of this post

Take care of the inside, glow on the outside.

We have talked about the way. It is to up your wellness game. Let’s talk about the how.

So, how do you glow up effectively?

The how is in your daily routine. Your daily routine is something you do on a daily basis.

What makes up your daily routine? Habit.

Participating in habits that help you improve your wellness game is beneficial to your overall health.

Let’s define habit

Macmillian dictionary (n.d.) defines habit as something you do often or regularly.

Habit simply means doing something on a regular basis effortlessly.

How to Glow Up Emotional

Control your emotions. Stop and think before you respond to anything that trigger your emotions.

Tip: I know, this can be difficult. It is necessary. You can not glow up in an environment where you can not manage your emotions.  When you do not manage emotions appropriately, you may create negativity in your life.

According to Connelly (2020), emotional intelligence involves a set of skills that helps a person to understand, control, and manage emotions or feelings, as well as the emotion of others.


Participate in activities such as daily positive affirmations, prayer, journaling, meditation, etc. Also activities that will show self love. Taking time out to love on yourself is necessary.


Read a book, blog, listen to a podcast, take an online course, etc. to enhance your knowledge.


Be active, add healthy food to your diet, reduce unhealthy foods from your diet, drink water, get enough sleep, skin & hair care routine, design your wardrobe signifying your style, etc.


Participate in activities in your work or career that brings you joy and satisfaction.


Create and stick to a budget.


Recycle, use environmental friendly products, turn off electronics when not in use.


Create relationships with positive people. Surround yourself with positive people.

I hope this list gives you some ideas. Your list may be different. That is fine. It is all about customizing your list to fit you. As long as you are participating in activities from the eight dimensions on the daily, you are upping your wellness game.

Resulting in your optimal glow up

You will not have to think about a glow up. It will just happen when you take care of yourself by participating in activities from all the dimensions of wellness.

An environment where you can flourish is created when you glow up. Your best self is created.

If you are glowing up everyday, you will be operating from your best self everyday.

You will be flourishing and creating all types of magic in your life.

Before I exit the building, let me give deets on my outfit real quick.

Blouse | Forever 21 | Faux Leather Skirt | Scoop from Walmart Fashion
Faux Snake Skin Boots | Time and Tru from Walmart Fashion

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Until next time


Connelly, M. (2020). What Is Emotional Intelligence? Retrieved from https://www.change-management-coach.com/what-is-emotional-intelligence.html

Definition of Habit (n.d.). Macmillian. Retrieved from https://www.macmillandictionary.com/us/dictionary/american/habit

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7 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Glow Up?

  1. This felt like I were having a conversation with you, it relates so much to me right now. You just replenished my inspiration ☺️

  2. Never thought of glowing up from within. I do try to work on myself but always thought of glowing up only from the outside. Such a great perspective!

    Also love your outfit!

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