My Beauty Finds at Whole Foods Market

My Beauty Finds At Whole Foods Market

My Beauty Finds at Whole Foods Market

When you think of Whole Foods Market, food may come to your mind. To be exact, groceries. Whole Foods Market is more than that.

At Whole Foods Market, you can get your groceries, skin & bath care, makeup, supplements, laundry products, household supplies, flowers, etc. You can also grab a healthy bite to eat.

Months ago, I was looking for some sanitizer. Do you remember when it was impossible to find sanitizer a few months ago? To be exact, April.
Well, I called Whole Food Market to see if they had any in stock. They had a few.

So, my husband and I found our way there to pick up a few. On our way there, I was hoping it was still a couple left when we got there.

I think it was one left. Wipe foreheads. At least we were able to get one because we didn’t have any. It was a rather large bottle.

I usually go on the aisle next to it to get supplements. Since we were looking for another sanitizer, my eyes wander on the different products on this particular aisle.  I saw skincare products, bath care products, hair care products, etc.

As I was saying, while we were scanning the aisle hoping to find at least one more sanitizer in the back of one of the shelves, rosewater caught my eye.

Rosewater has been on my list to try. I have read the many benefits it possesses.  Of course, I grab it.

And this is where it all begins. Beauty finds at Whole Food Markets. Hence, the products I am sharing below.

Okay, let’s start

Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin. It is made with three clean ingredients. They are rose, Vor-mag water, & glycerin.

With this rosewater & glycerin spray, I like to moisturize my hair strands with it. It makes my hair strands soft and manageable.

It soothes my scalp too. I also use it as a face mist when I want to hydrate my skin right quick. It is very refreshing.

I like to keep my rosewater & glycerin mist spray in my skin care fridge. 

Pacha Soap Co Super Shrooms Soap Bar. It is made with natural ingredients. It has superfoods ingredients such as Reishi & Chaga mushroom.

It also has activated charcoal powder. It is vegan and gluten-free. It is also free of sulfates, SLS, and parabens.

With this soap, I can feed my body conveniently/easily some of mushroom superfoods benefits by cleansing with it.  It is a gentle cleanser with an earthly like scent. The scent is not overpowering and it smells clean.

Pacha Soap Co Vanilla Almond Body Butter. It is made with natural ingredients, free of sulfates, SLS, and parabens. It is vegan and gluten-free.

With this body butter, my skin feels so soft. It moisturizes my skin without feeling oily or greasy. This body butter smells so good.

At first, when I apply it, it smells like a candy store. As time passes, the vanilla aroma comes through.

Made with a Mission Poppin Bubbles Bath Tea. It is made with a special blend of dead sea salt, essential oils, and organic botanicals.

It is vegan and cruelty-free. One of the ingredients that stuck out to me was beetroot powder.

With this bath tea, it turns the bathwater purple and creates a lot of bubbles. The smell is amazing.

Sounds like relaxation, right? It helps set the mood for one of my options for a spa night.

Let me pause the list for a second

There is so much going on. Do you need to take some time out relax and reset? Check out my blog on how to create the best spa day at home?

Okay, back to the list.


The Seaweed Bathing Company Awaken (Rosemary & Mint) Body Wash. Detox, purifying body wash with green tea extract & French clay. It is made with natural ingredients, gluten, sulfate, & paraben-free.

It is vegan and cruelty-free. It also includes nutrient-rich seaweed and antioxidant-rich spirulina. It has French clay in it that helps remove impurities.

With this body wash, I like that it is a detoxing & purifying cleanser but still leaves my body soft. It has a refreshing smell.
The scent of this body wash is rosemary & mint. I can smell the mint more than the rosemary.

Do you remember when I talked about the benefits of taking an eucalyptus shower a few months ago? The smell of the mint works perfectly with eucalyptus leaves in the shower. It is just what I need to start my day. Awaken & refreshing, okay.

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme with Vitamin E. It is super hydrating with a nice coconut scent.

With this foot creme, my feet are soft. Before bed, I like to apply this creme to my feet & put on some socks. Wake up the next day with soft feet. I do not have to worry about cracked heels.

Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick. It is made with organic products. The ingredients include turmeric root powder, ginger root powder, and tea tree oil.

It helps calms down inflammation of the skin and reduces dark spots.

With this treatment stick, it has helped reduce my blemishes. I like the way my skin glows the next day when I use it the night before.

Do you have any latest beauty finds? Do share.

Until next time



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