My Latest Obsession is a Skin Care Fridge

Updated post on 9/23/2020

Have you seen the latest talk about the skincare fridge? It has been all over the internet streets when it comes to skincare.  I have been eyeing one since last year. Actually, it has been way over a year and a half ago. I was trying to figure out if I should get one.

I mean, I was putting my jade roller in the regular refrigerator.

Since we are on the subject of a facial roller, let me discussed the benefits of a facial roller.  According to Gallagher (2020) on Healthline.com, here are some key benefits:

May help with blood flow by increasing blood circulation

May help relieve sinus pressure

May help relieve puffiness

These benefits may come from the facial roller providing lymphatic drainage.  During lymphatic drainage, you receive a boost of circulation and toxins are flush away.

Additional tip: Put the facial roller in the refrigerator. Let it get cold. It will reduce puffiness quickly and provide a relaxing, cooling, & soothing effect

I have been using a facial roller (jade roller) for over a year and a half.  I can say these benefits have been true in my case.

Using the cold jade roller in the morning helps wake me while boosting circulation and reducing any puffiness I may have from waking up.

When my sinus wants to act up, I get the jade roller out and get to work with a quick lymphatic drainage. It helps clear up my sinus.

I have also experienced my skin care products penetrating better when I use the jade roller.  It helps to push them through.

Here’s the thing. With a facial roller, you do not have to press hard as you glide it across your face. You can do light strokes.

I recently added the 24k gold facial massager to my routine.  Actually, it is a kit. There was not anything wrong with the jade roller. I was not looking for another facial roller. I still use it during my morning routine.

See, what happened was.  I was browsing Pinterest on skin care.  Facial massager came up. It didn’t look like the jade roller I have been using. It was gold.  So, it piqued my interest.

If you guessed I went to google next, you are correct. I found an article on Prevention.com where Traci Ellis Ross talks about the gold beauty bar golden face massager she uses for only $16.  You can read the article here.

Goes to Amazon. Adds to cart. It is delivered the next day. I got myself a new toy. Hey, grown-ups like toys too. Am I right?

I still like my jade roller but the 24k gold facial massager and T shape electric beauty bar have been added to my night time routine.

The kit I bought came with two types of beauty bars.  In the user’s manual, it discusses the uses for both beauty bars. There are so many benefits. I feel like these devices need their own blog post.

A 3D roller face massager & T shape electric energy beauty bar.  The 3D roller face massager is good to tighten skin. The T shape electric energy beauty bar is good to lift the skin.

Lately, I have been using the kit a few times a week at night while I say positive affirmations. It feels amazing physically and mentally.  Come through self-care!

I know it seems like I went off topic but the jade roller (facial roller) was one of the first products I put in my regular refrigerator. I got a little excited and want to share it with you guys.

I also felt like it was important to share the back story regarding me putting skincare products in the fridge. This is how it all began.

I also was storing some vitamin c serum in there.  A few face masks here and there.  No biggie.

Let’s get back to the skincare fridges, shall we?

Well, I kept seeing these cute little skincare fridges. This made me look more into other products that could be chilled for the face.

Ha, you see how that works.  This caused me to look more into other products that I could add to my skincare routine.

I was already using a rosewater mist. I didn’t know you can chill it though.  I learned something new.  I also started looking into eye creams.


Lately, I began seeing these cute little skincare fridges again.  The thought of putting my skincare items in the regular refrigerator was becoming less appealing.

I no longer wanted to see skin care products close to my vegan cheese or almond milk.

I also started thinking about having a little spot in my bathroom to store my refrigerated skincare products.  I didn’t want to walk to my kitchen for the skincare products anymore.

I mean, I don’t have to go to the kitchen to get my lemon water to start my morning. I have a hydro flask. My kids got my 1st one as one of my mother’s day gift last year.

It has been a game-changer for helping me get my water in daily. I love it so much until I bought another one.  I have two I rotate between.  My daughters have one.

Heck, even my husband has one on his nightstand. He does not have to get up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen to get some water. His water is right there beside him in his hydro flask.

Okay, what was I saying? Yeah, right. I filled the hydro flask up the night before. It is ready for me on my nightstand the next morning.

Hey, I am trying to make doing right as convenient as possible. When you make things convenient for yourself, you stick with doing them.

Hence, my hydro flask filled with lemon water on my night stand waiting for me the next morning.

As you can see, the skincare fridge was looking very convenient for me. I can put it in the bathroom.

I do my skincare routine in the bathroom. A skincare fridge in there makes it very convenient. Nope, the idea was not leaving my mind.

Almost two years later (give or take a few months), I made up my mind.  I wanted a skincare fridge. Goes on the lookout for one. I found one on Kohls.  Bought it and here we are.

It comes with a removable tray. Here is the before picture.  Keep strolling to see after picture of removable tray.

Let’s talk about this particular skin care fridge a bit

There are so many options out there when it comes to picking a skin care fridge. This one caught my eye because of the design. I like the flawless logo with the rose gold handles.

This skin care fridge is made by Finishing Touch Flawless. Here is the link to it here.

  According to Finishing Touch Flawless, here are some features & benefits.

It is compact mini design

It is recommended for cooling:




Sheet Masks

Facial Rollers

Natural and Organic Products

The cooling effects it provides skincare products are:

helps to prevent premature aging, oxidation, & discoloration

help calm skin & leaves you feeling rejuvenated

can leave your skin feeling fresher

help sooth redness & calm inflamed, tired skin

I can agree with the benefits above.

It comes with a 68″ Power Cord Included. It has a door basket. It gets really cold. It also comes with stickers if you want to customized it. It is very quiet.

It has a removable shelf.  Your sprays can fit comfortably if you have bigger size sprays. There is still enough room left for all my skin care products with the tray removed.

I can find facial mists in mini sizes and keep the tray in this skin care fridge if I like.

Here are a few skin care products currently in my stash. Depending on what my skin needs, these products changes.

You can find a facial roller, vitamin c serum, retinol, face masks, eye pads, and mist sprays in my skin care fridge at the moment.

They are so many other skincare products that can be refrigerated.

In conclusion, this skincare fridge caused me to up my skincare game. Hence, the addition of eye pads.

The cooling effect it provides my skin care products are wonderful.

I love the aesthetic of it. It looks so gorgeous on my counter. It is convenient.

It is very small. It does not take up that much space in my bathroom.

It added another layer to my self care game.

Come through SELF CARE

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Until next time


Ayuda, T. (2019). Tracee Ellis Ross, 46, Swears By This $16 Golden Face Massager. Retrieved from https://www.prevention.com/beauty/skin-care/a28118189/tracee-ellis-ross-gold-beauty-roller/

Gallagher, G. (2020). The Benefits of a Face Roller. Retrieved from https://www.healthline.com/health/face-roller-benefits 


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  1. i’ve never heard about a skin care fridge but it sounds very interesting! thank you for sharing🥰

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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