Where To Find The Best Big, Oversized Floppy Hat

Where to find the best big, over sized floppy hat

I love hats. If you have been following the blog, you know I have been rocking floppy hats.

The bigger and obnoxious the hat is, the better it is. So, all summer I have been on the lookout for floppy hats.

I finally stumbled on the biggest one of them all. I have been very pleased.

Lately, traveling has been limited. Does this mean my clothes should sit in the closet? I told myself, No.

This will be a great opportunity to learn how to make the best of a situation. Sometimes, things happen that we do not have control. In those moments, we can shift our focus on things we can control.

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My backyard has become one of my favorite places.

So, I decided to dress up and play in my backyard. I will read a book, sip tea or fav beverage at the moment, listen to music, paint, dance, etc. in my backyard.

Here’s the thing. It is hot as heck in Texas and the sun loves to show its face. I ain’t mad at it. I need vitamin D, Okay? With all things, moderation is the key.

This is where the big floppy hats come in. You can be stylish and manage how much sun you get. Picnics are all the rave right now.

The number one accessory you will need is a floppy hat. It helps set the scene perfectly and give you shade.

When it is safe to go to the pool and beach, one of my floppy hats will be going with me.  Honestly, the big, over sized obnoxious will probably make the list for the pool and beach.

I can see this size hat creating a whole mood at the pool or beach with your cute swimsuit.

It is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe.

So, where can one find this hat? I found medium-size ones at Target and Walmart. I found a bigger one at CATO Fashions.

But for the biggest, over sized one, I found it here at Forever 21. Yes, it is huge but I love it. I actually picked up the two colors (rust & natural) they had available at the time.

Okay, let discuss details of outside mirror photos

1st, 3rd, & 4th photos -The dress is from Walmart Fashions. It is comfy and pretty. The shoes are Michael Kors. The bracelet is from Tiffany & Co. The over sized floppy hat is from Forever 21.  The chair is from Homegoods.  The baskets are from Amazon.

2nd photo- food tray is from Ross Dress for Less, faux eucalyptus plant is from Target. White bowl is from Target. Strawberries and sparkling juice from local grocery store. Blanket is from Target. Of course, the over sized floppy hat is from Forever 21.

Check out this post for more pictures of this over sized floppy hat

Do you love hats? Do you have any particular ones as staples in your wardrobe?2

Until next time

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