How To Be Happy

How to be happy? Are you wondering how to make yourself happy? This is like the million-dollar question.  Here’s the thing. You can make yourself happy. You can find happiness. There is not a particular destination that will get you there.

It is not ahhh–  Bamb, you’re there. You’re Happy. The End.

No, happiness is found in your daily habits and your perception. When you really think about it, this answer sounds better.

You do not have to wait for it. It is not years down the road. You can find it now. You can find it in your everyday life. Isn’t that wonderful?

As I was spending some time in the backyard throwing paint on a canvas, I was filled with peace and happiness.

I didn’t have a specific thing in mind to paint. I just wanted to mixed colors together with free form. This activity within itself is freeing. I was just flowing with it. No worries, just smooth sailing.

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago about how to make a list of ways to be kind to yourself. Painting was one of the ways on my list.

I am not a doctor or psychiatrist. I am only sharing my thoughts and experience.

When I participate in ways to be kind to myself, happiness comes by default. Sounds great, right?

So I began to think about what I participate in that gives me happiness or

what helps me allow room or space to be happy, receive happiness, and embrace happiness.

This is where perception comes in. I believe that we have to be open to receiving happiness.  I believe that we have to believe that we deserve happiness.

I feel like I need to say that again.  I believe that we have to believe that we deserve happiness.

I thought about a list I made a few years ago with these 3 things listed below. I added two more to the list.

1. Being Grateful

Taking stock of people and things you are grateful for in your life helps create happiness.

It is a joy to think about the gratefulness in your life. The mind gets to think of positive things.

You get to bring positive energy to your body and your life. Positivity helps create an environment to bring in more happiness.

Journaling is one way that I take stock of the gratefulness in my life.

2.  Being content.

Sometimes we find ourselves constantly working on the next goal until we forget to enjoy the progression of our life thus far.

It is perfectly ok to make new goals but don’t forget the accomplishment of past goals. Being content gives you the opportunity to take time out to enjoy the moment of your life you are at now.

It helps bring about happiness. I have been guilty of constantly going after the next thing.

One day, I realized that I was missing out on celebrating beautiful moments and achievements.

I was not celebrating now. I was not celebrating how far I have come. I was not allowing happy or grateful moments to come in.

When you celebrate, you are opening yourself up to happiness.

Comparison can also play a role in contentment.

It is so important to keep your eyes on your journey. I have never met two people with the same destiny.

Sure, you may find someone who shares similar goals as you but the road it takes both of y’all to achieve those goals may be totally different.

Your life was made just for you. You must trust that everything is happening as it should.

Looking at others’ lives may cause you to miss out on how blessed you truly are.

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3. Being Kind To Yourself

When you be kind to yourself, you open the door to produce greatness because you began to think good about yourself.

This leads to believing in yourself and achieving goals in life. This helps you allow peace into your life.

Make a list of ways or things you can do to be kind to yourself. I shared my list a few blogs ago. Click here if you are looking for some ideas.

Tip: When you’re making your list, add some new things to try.  New things take you from your comfort zone and open up emotions in you that may have been stagnant. Unexpected happiness may come when you try new things.

4. Being Kind To Others

We all need kindness. Take some time out and do something to brighten someone’s day.

5. Don’t engage in negative energy

Be intentional about the energy you let in your life. If someone is been negative, try not to engage in it.

By engaging in it, we invite negative energy in our life. This will make it difficult to enjoy or even recognize happy moments when they come. Instead, set up boundaries in your life whether it be online or offline.

In conclusion, happiness can be found in everyday life. We just have to be intentional, open to it, and believe that we deserved it.

Before I exit the building, let me discussed the details of the photos.

The dress is from TJMaxx.  The oversized floppy hat is from Forever 21.  The shoes are Michael Kors.  I picked up the canvas, wood easel stand, paint & paint accessories from Michaels. The easel stand I purchased is no longer available. Here is a link to a similar wood easel stand at Michaels.

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