Protein Treatment/How Do You Put Protein in Your Hair?

Wash day/Protein Tx


Since I have restarted my hair healthy journey, I know my hair has been enjoying the tender love it has been receiving from me.  I am going on 6 weeks post relaxer.  Honestly, I love the way my new growth feels at this time.  If you ask me this in a couple of weeks, the answer may be different though lol.

Yesterday was wash day due to not having time on Wednesday (usual washday).  Protein helps to strengthen the hair.  So, this wash day consisted of adding protein to the hair.  I am working on balancing  protein and moisture with my hair.  I try to make sure that I eat protein based foods so I will not have to do a heavy protein treatment ( I am scared of them lol).  This  process is done once a month.

1st step – Prepoo

I applied coconut oil to my hair from root to scalp.  After I applied it, I conducted a scalp massage. Next time, I will heat it up (I forgot this time).  I put a plastic cap on for 1 hour.

2nd step-Shampoo

I wash my hair with a protein based shampoo.  Some may use a moisturizing shampoo (I normally use a moisturizing shampoo myself) but I needed the protein based shampoo this time.

3rd step- Deep Conditioning

After shampooing my hair, I applied a protein based deep conditioner to my hair as I would do a relaxer but from root to end.  I put a plastic cap on my head and let my hair deep condition for about 1 hour without heat.

4th step- Wash Out Protein based Conditioner/Put Moisture Back in Hair

I washed the deep conditioner out of my head.  I also used a moisturizing conditioner on my head to put moisture back in my hair.   I let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, I will let the moisturizing conditioner stay in a little longer. Next,  I washed it out. I finger comb my hair to detangle.  The last rinse was with cold water. I squeezed the excess water out of my hair.

5th step- Drying My Hair

I covered my hair with a t-shirt until about 60% dry.  Next, I sprayed aloe vera juice mixture ( I use it as a leave in)on the scalp and my ends.  I let my hair air-dried.

6th step- Moisturizing/Sealing

I moisturized and sealed my hair from root to end. (products not shown but I used Scurl).

7th step-Styling

I put it in one plait on the side and put my bonnet on my head.

My hair was feeling so strong and also had some softness in it after the process.


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